If you are like most men, you probably enjoy the freedom and convenience of going out on the go with a beard. There are so many styles to choose from and it can really make you stand out in a crowd. However, with that freedom comes some responsibility. One of the most important things to remember is to keep your beard clean. This can be a challenge when you are on the go, but don't worry, we have a solution! The Beard Cleansing Spray is an all-natural rinse-free beard wash alternative that is perfect for keeping your beard clean when you are out and about!

The Beard Cleansing Spray is the first product ever developed to resolve this problem. It is an alcohol-free, cruelty-free, and rinse-free formula that uses all natural ingredients. This makes it perfect for use on the go without the need for water! So whether you are driving all day, camping, or just out for dinner, this product is perfect for you. Did we mention, it is Australian Made and Owned?



The Beard Cleansing Spray is the perfect companion to your favourite beard oil. Simply spray it into your beard, massage it in, and you're good to go! We recommend using it daily, or as needed, to keep your beard looking and feeling its best.

So if you are on the go and need a quick and effective way to maintain a clean beard, try our Beard Cleansing Spray.  It is the perfect beard wash alternative!

February 25, 2022 — Sarah Mohamadin